Why choose a Lennox Air Conditioner?


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In the first section we broke down what the Carrier systems had to offer in terms of Air Conditioning and HVAC systems. Here, we give Lennox the spotlight and finally determine - who is the king of the air conditioning world.

Lennox Air Conditioners -

Lennox offers the most robust lineup of AC models when compared to it's competitors, namely - Carrier. Lennox has always had a strong focus on high efficiency comfort systems that will significantly lower your electricly bills (perfect for residents of St. Albert where there are db limits for outdoor units).

Much like Carrier, Lennox focuses its AC products into 3 main categories:

1. Lennox Signature Collection
2. Lennox Elite Series
3. Lennox Merit

Let's break down what each has to offer:

1. Lennox Signature Collection - (Extremely quiet units)

The Lennox Signature collection are the quietist systems on the market. Lennox's signature collection represent the very finest in heating, cooling and indoor air quality.

2. Lennox Elite Series - (Highest Energy Efficiency in it's class!)

True to it's name, Lennox's Elite series are a cut above the rest when it comes to household comfort. The Elite series boast impressive features and capabilities including the highest energy efficiency rating in it's class. The Elite series can literally save you hundreds of dollars in energy savings each year!

3. Lennox Merit - (Legendary quality)

The Lennox Merit series offer an unprecedented 5 year parts and 5 year labor warranty (extended available) so you will have trouble free operation of your AC units for the lifetime of your product!

Solar Powered Efficiency - The Sky's the limit!

Lennox has long been an industry leader and are always looking at ways to innovaste the HVAC market. One of the coolest options that Lennox has available is their Solar Powered cooling systems. These babies offer the maximim savings potential for you and your family and may even make you eligble for certain tax credits.

Let's learn a bit more about their solar powered models:

 Unlike most models that run on electricity, Lennox applies sun-powered energy with its SunSource Solar-Ready systems. Here's how it works:

1. Electricity is generated from the sun in an energy efficient manner, using heat to produce the electricity.

2. Instead of producing electricity that will generate more heat, solar power turns heat into electricity which will power the air conditioner.

3. This efficiency is guaranteed with its ENERGY STAR label, issued by the US EPA for products that contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions and lower utility bills. 

The end result is a perfectally comfortable home that saves you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in your heating/cooling bills!


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