St Albert Heating and Furnace Sales, Installation, and Service with Air Care


Let's face it: the winters of St. Albert are exceptionally brutal.  Darkness falls early and is slow to light the morning.  It's not uncommon for temperatures to drop to a shocking low of minus 30C or lower, so it’s crucial to hire a reputable company for your home or business's furnace and heating needs.

Air Care - St Albert's first Choice for Heating and Furnaces

Aircare HVAC is an authorized dealer of Lennox for St. Albert heating and it shares the same philosophy of providing top-notch and top-quality customer service.  Lennox’s motto is “Innovation never felt so good.”  This relates to the company as well in keeping our St. Albert customers warm throughout our brutal winters.

The products offered through Air Care are installed to provide the level and reliability of energy and efficient warmth.  Many of our products offer the ‘ENERGY STAR qualified equipment’ which means the product uses less energy, which in turn saves money for the St. Albert heating consumer.  It also protects the environment and fights climate change.

Air Care goes above and beyond for each and every St. Albert heating customer. With an enthusiastic and dedicated staff, our company excels in customer service and strives to “do what it takes” to satisfy our St. Albert customers.

There when you need us.

We understand that almost all problems with heating and furances need to be treated promptly. That' why our team is available 24/7 for any emergency any time of day or night including holidays.  With that being said, why would anyone go anywhere else?

At Aircare HVAC, you never meet a stranger.