Solar Powered Air Conditioning - Lennox SunSource


A revolutionary new solar-powered central heating and cooling system has been released by the experts at Lennox. It has been specifically designed to reduce household electricity consumption without the costly expenses of traditional solar systems. It was recently unveiled at Las Vegas’s International Builders Show.

What is a Solar House?

Lennox’s SunSource Home Energy Systems use free, abundant solar energy to generate electricity for cooling and heating your home. The amazing part is, is that it can provide enough electricity to power the appliances and lights in your home! These systems are affordable, expandable and uncomplicated!

Why Choose Solar?

The conversion of solar power to electricity for cooling, heating and other uses in your home is not harmful to the environment (nonpolluting) - it’s plentiful, resourceful and free! Solar modules convert sunlight into free electricity whether it's for heating and cooling your home, keeping food cold or bringing light into your children’s bedrooms!

How does it work?

Like other forms of energy, solar energy works in many of the same ways. Solar energy can provide power for everything from video game systems to your vacuum cleaner. The amount and method in which it delivers will depend greatly on the type of technology you choose.

Sounds great, but who in Alberta offers this?

Your first step is to call the Lennox Authorized experts at AirCare. We can stop by your home and discuss how many roof modules you’ll need to fit your lifestyle!

We would like to make this process as easy as possible, so don’t be shy and please visit our contact page to get in touch with a Solar Power Edmonton specialist today!