Should I buy an air purifier - What are the benefits?


Fresh air has become a luxury, with city streets filled with smog, smoke, and other pollutants. People usually retreat to their homes for some untouched air. Despite the closed nature of one’s home, the air inside is still threatened by unknown factors. The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that the air inside one’s home could be five times dirtier than the surrounding environment’s air.

The threatening occurrence of unclean home air stems from poor ventilation. Harmful particles such as dirt, pollen, and dust enter the home through windows and doors. The lack of a proper ventilation system prevents the balance between the exit of particles and the entrance of fresh air. Indoor air cannot circulate throughout your home, allowing the harmful factors to stay. Thus, one ends up breathing in dust or dirt, which can lead to coughs, colds, or even mold around the walls.

During the hotter months, humidity can lead to worse air as it leads to mildew, dust mites, and other forms of bacteria. All of these one can breathe daily, and the eventual buildup of moisture can lead to a sore throat and other respiratory difficulties.

What an Air Purifier Can Do?

With Lennox’s PureAir Purification System, the home can enjoy clean air without worrying about the growth of viruses and bacteria. The purifier is able to remove three kinds of impurities: particles, bioaerosols and microorganisms, and odors or chemical vapors. The system can remove 95 percent of particles in the air, which include pet hairs, pollen and dust. Microorganisms and bioaerosols removed range from dust mites, fungi, spores, to viruses. For houses that have just finished construction or have been recently renovated, the system can remove strong odors from furniture, carpeting, or paints. Its ability to clean out odors is also helpful for pet owners. 

Quality Assurance -

Lennox’s Air Purification system allows one to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, turning your home into a safe abode for the family. The presence of bacteria- , virus-, and dust- free air lets parents worry less about their children catching colds or cough. The PureAir system not only offers health benefits—a five-year warranty guarantees value for money. 

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