Save on Energy Costs Edmonton


Edmonton has been brutalized this year by an unforgiving and relentless winter. The city has been covered by mounds upon mounds of snow and we’ve had sub arctic temperatures with little to no sunlight. 

Unfortunately for residents of Edmonton and surrounding areas, our wallets have also taken a beating. We've all been required to use our furnaces more than usual to keep ourselves nice and toasty.

While our furnaces were working overtime so we didn't turn into ice sculptures, our power consumption bills got higher and higher and more Edmontonians were wondering 'Is there any way I can save money on my power/electricity bills?'

Spring is just around the corner folks, and there’s no better time than now to look at ways you can save on electricity.

One of the new services that AirCare is really excited about this spring/summer is our new solar-powered central heating and cooling systems by Lennox SunSource.

Basically these babies convert solar power into electricity that you can use to heat and cool your home and best of all - it’s not harmful to the environment! Check it out here!

All in all, we at AirCare understand the importance of going green and saving electricity. We urge you to call us for a no-hassle chat where we can discuss the options we have available for you.  

Be sure to check out our specials page as we are gearing up for spring/summer and have some great package promotions!