How to Install a Furnace Filter


Furnaces are amazing pieces of technology, aren't they? A good furnace can keep you and your family cozy on the coldest of winter nights and it can help keep moderate/comfortable home temperatures throughout the year. If there's one thing about furnaces that can get quite tedious, however, it would have to be maintenance, and this includes changing the furnace filter.

Below - we'll discuss how to change your filter and give you some basic tips to make this job easy as pie!

Get to know your system

Before you even attempt to install the filter, it's important to get to know your heater. Head to where your furnace is installed and take some time to analyze it, reading some of the warnings and reminders written on it, if any. You may also want to take this opportunity to find and read the owner's manual that came with the product. This documentation may have some model-specific information on how to replace the furnace filter.

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