Fall Furnace Maintenance Checklist


When summer ends and fall sets in, we Edmontonians realize that it's only going to start getting colder.

Fall is when you're going to hear your furance 'fire up' for the first time in months, so you want to make sure that it is in perfect working order. This article will provide you with a short furnace maintenance checklist that you should go through before winter sets in.

Do some general cleaning

Before you even run power to your furnace again and turn it on, the first thing you should do is some general cleaning. This is especially the case if your furnace is tucked away in a place like the garage or basement. Check the area for dust, dirt, debris, mold, rust, or anything else that can be solved with a good cleaning. Wipe down the furnace and clean the surrounding area.

Check the innards of your furnace

Now that you've cleaned the general area of the furnace, it's time to have a look inside the unit. Open up your furnace to see if anything needs cleaning. Try not to touch any fragile parts; the idea is just to do some general cleaning on the unit. Make sure to check if the filter needs cleaning or replacing as well.

Start up your furnace

Once everything is clean and dry, you can turn on the circuit breaker to the furnace and start it up. Check to see that it works well and that the air reaches all parts of your home. If you should need further cleaning or repair, then you should consult an expert who can be sure to get the job done right.

Just make sure you do all of these things before the cold really sets in to ensure that your furnace is working in perfect order!