Tips on Choosing the Right Furnace or Heating System


If you're looking to cut down of energy consumption costs this fall and winter, upgrading your Home or business's Heating System is without question one of the most effective ways to do so.

Unfortunatelty, selecting the right home heating system can be a confusing and overwhelming task. Typically, a search for a new system will revolve around factors such as Efficiency, Features, and Price.


While we agree that the above factors are important, at the end of the day a heating system is a long term investment and reliability is a crucial factor that is often overlooked. We've been working with and installing all types of heating systems for years, and aren't afraid to speak 'candidly' about what's hot - and what to avoid. Send us a quick note on our contact page if you've got a question.

Efficiency - Old Versus New

Most of today’s natural gas furnaces boast up to 97% efficiency, while older, standard-efficiency furnaces typically performed at closer 60%-70% efficiency.

Given the above numbers, the desicsion to upgrade your system becomes a simple question: How many months of spending 25-30% more on your utility bills than you need to could be going towards a new system?

Comparing New Heating Systems

You really can't go wrong in terms of efficiency when exploring your options; it's more a case of Good, Better and Best. 'Good' systems perform at around 80% efficiency, while upper end systems (as mentioned above), can operate in the high 90's.

Feel free to use some of the below as a checklist when shopping around:

  • What type of furnace is best suited for my home and budget?
  • How many BTU’s will I need?
  • What efficiency should I have?
  • Will my venting or ducting have to be changed for my new system?
  • Are there advantages to a continuous low speed fan?
  • Will my old thermostat work with a new furnace?


How Aircare Can Help

Aircare has been installing heating systems in Edmonton and St Albert Homes and Business for years. As your local authorized Lennox dealer, we'd be happy to discuss with you a wide variety of quality furnaces and home comfort systems that perfectly match your needs and budget!