Carrier vs Lennox - Air Conditioning


Everyone loves a heavyweight fight! When it comes to heating and cooling systems there are no two bigger names in the industry than Carrier and Lennox.

Lennox and Carrier have both been providing HVAC systems for almost a century and both offer some unique options in their vast product lineup.

Choosing the right brand, and even the right model can be a tricky task so we've broken down what these 2 giants have to offer in hopes to help you make an informed buying decision.

We'll first take a look at what the Carrier systems have to offer:

Carrier Air Conditioners

carrier air conditionerCarrier has established itself well in the industry of air conditioners. They have been in the business since 1902 and provide their customers with a wide range of central air conditioners and heating systems.

Carrier AC units use a system called “HVAC”, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

This type of system is able to provide comfortable temperatures for both cold and hot weather (perfect for Canadian climates).



Carrier promises energy-efficient air conditioning with its three product lines:

1. Infinity Series
2. Performance Series
3. Comfort Series

Let's take a look at what each series has to offer:

1. Infinity Series (Most Energy Efficient)

The first is the Infinity Series Central Air Conditioner, which boasts the company’s highest SEER rating of 21. This rating guarantees customers the highest energy efficiency, letting them spend less on utility bills. The product also offers incredible durability and quiet operation. 

2. Performance Series (Best Performance, but higher price)

Carriers Performance Series has a lower 18 SEER rating. It offers higher durability and quieter levels than the Infinity series, with the operation running as low as 67 dB. 

3. Comfort Series (For those of you on a budget)

For buyers under a strict budget, there’s the Comfort Series Air Conditioner. This model promises economical cooling comfort, with the operation running as low as 67 dB. Out of all of Carrier’s air conditioners, the Comfort Series has the lowest SEER efficiency rating (17). However, it promises a high level of durability.

Sounds pretty good, Lennox has it's hands full. Let's see what Lennox has to offer:

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