3 Questions to ask before hiring a commercial HVAC Contractor


A commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor may be expensive to hire, but his or her expertise is invaluable. In many provinces, only a licensed HVAC repairman can repair heating systems or add coolant to broken air conditioning systems.

Hiring someone who isn’t properly licensed can result in repercussions for you, the business owner. So, before choosing which contractor to hire, be sure to ask these three important questions.

1. How much experience have you had?

Experience is of the utmost importance. While a contractor who has just completed HVAC School may know how to repair the most up to date heating and cooling systems, that doesn’t mean that he or she has had any experience with the aging system in your back room, or understand what to do if something should go wrong. Often, a new contractor will be apprenticed to a more experienced one, so be sure to ask exactly who will be working on your unit.

2. Are you licensed to work in my area?

A fully licensed contractor needs to have passed various certification tests to work in a certain Province or geographical area. In order to be fully legit and, therefore, legal to work on HVAC systems in your city, he or she needs to have that license in hand. While a non-licensed contractor may do a good job, if something should go wrong, the blame falls on you and you may not be able to recoup the cost of the original repair job. Your business insurance also may not cover non-licensed repairs.

3. Are you insured?

A good licensed commercial HVAC contractor has general liability insurance in case something goes wrong. If he forgets to turn off the gas to the furnace and the unthinkable happens, his insurance will cover the cost of repairs. Similarly, if a customer trips and falls over a pipe that the contractor has misplaced, the contractors insurance – and not your business insurance – will reimburse the customer for any claims.